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3 Things You Should Know About EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) and Your Health

As electrical professionals, we think about electrical concerns even when we are off the job. Everyone should be aware of Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) and the possible impact on health. Since we are all exposed to EMF daily, we need to be informed so we can try to reduce our exposure wherever possible. Dive into the basics of EMF with your friends at Powerworks Electric!

  • You are Exposed to EMF Constantly—While you are sitting in your home on a laptop with lights on, texting on your phone, and heating up popcorn in your microwave, you are practically swimming in EMF radiation. Basically, electromagnetic frequency radiation emits from electrical sources as well as natural and man-made lighting. EMF can be transmitted from cell phones, lights, cordless phones, TV, radio, power lines, computers, fitness trackers, routers, smart meters, x-rays, UV rays, gamma rays, and more. There is some controversy about the extent of the dangers associated with these EMF sources. Before you place tinfoil on your head and assume that every electrical device is dangerous, consider the research and determine your risk level.
  • There are Possible Links Connecting EMF Exposure to Cancer and Dementia—EMF research is still fairly early and there need to be more studies conducted, but there are some concerns that EMF exposure through simple things such as Wi-Fi, microwaves, and cell phones can be linked to cancer. In studies conducted in 2016, cell phone usage was connected to an increased chance of developing malignant tumors known as gliomas. Some researchers in the field expect that in the future cell phone use will be connected to cancer as readily as lung cancer relates to smoking. Despite these concerns, cell phones are considered to be low EMF emitting devices. There have been some studies presenting information connecting cell phone radiation to developing symptoms of dementia, such as memory loss or reduced learning capabilities. Regardless of your position on the dangers of EMF, this research can at least encourage everyone to consider the risks of commonplace devices and act accordingly.
  • You Can Take Small Steps to Minimize Your EMF Exposure—We are not recommending throwing out all your electronic and electrical devices. You can consider reducing your exposure through small steps. When possible, put some space between you and your phone and computer. Many people are glued to their cellphones like it’s an appendage. Let your phone be off your body when possible, especially avoiding carrying your phone in a bra or pocket. Even if you are not sure what to think about EMF, consider that a phone and a microwave both put off EMF. Would you feel uncertain about carrying a small microwave around on your person at all times? There are some aspects of EMF we cannot know at this point so we should proceed with caution. Another simple way you could minimize EMF would be to unplug appliances when not in use. Not only will you save energy costs, but you will reduce your EMF output. You could also turn off your Wi-Fi when not in use. Grounding a house is important to minimize electrical currents and a similar approach can be applied to people. Try grounding yourself with the earth to minimize the impact of EMF. You could just walk barefoot in your yard and ground your body.

Stay safe and minimize your EMF exposure whenever possible. If you need any support, reach out to Powerworks Electric. We are standing by to help you with any electrical questions or concerns you may have.

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