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How to Install Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can showcase the beauty of your home and yard. There are many different types of lighting to suit any home style and accommodate your needs. Lighting can also enhance your outdoor entertaining. At Powerworks Electric, we build customized plans to install landscape lights to fit your individual needs. Landscape lighting installation has many strong benefits to consider if you are ready for a home improvement. 

The Power of Landscape Lighting

  • Promote Safety–Lights along your walkways, around your home entrances, and highlighting your steps will help ensure that your family and guests can get inside safely at any hour. Installing lights will dramatically decrease the risk of a fall on your property, which is good for safety and liability purposes. Pathway lights should be within 6 inches of the path to ensure optimal illumination at night. Landscape lighting can also be added near your pool so that visibility issues will not cause a safety hazard.
  • Improve Security–When you choose to install landscape lights, you can get motion-activated lights as an extra layer of protection. Lighting can be a great deterrent for home intruders. Security lights can be placed near entry points or around the corners of your home to limit blind spots. Decks, garages, and patios are wise places for security lighting as these spots are often undersecured entry points. 
  • Maximize Outdoor Entertaining–Using landscaping lighting strategically around your yard can help you keep your yard open for entertaining well after dark. When you add lighting around your patio or deck, outdoor dinners can become a regular thing for your family and friends. We can help you imagine the possibilities for your outdoor space to truly maximize your outdoor entertaining.
  • Showcase the Beauty of your Home and Yard–Whether you are highlighting your garden full of flowers or the architecture of your home, lighting can do wonders for your curb appeal. Landscape lighting can be used to showcase any aspect of your yard or home’s exterior that you prefer. Our team would be happy to offer suggestions for what to showcase for your home and yard specifically during a consultation.

Picking your Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can primarily be broken down into two categories: wired and solar-powered. Solar-powered lighting has become a popular choice for many green homeowners in recent years. They are also simple to install since you will not have to run wires or determine the right voltages. Solar lights can have a higher upfront cost than electric lights, but they do save money long-term. They are not typically as bright as electric lights, but they may provide the brightness you need. Solar lights work well if they can get direct sunlight, but they are sometimes less reliable if your yard is primarily shaded. Since electric lighting requires wiring and calculating voltages for your property, we recommend leaving electric landscape lighting to the professionals. Our team will ensure that your yard is lit just as you envision while prioritizing safety.

If you are ready to light up your yard, call Powerworks Electric to start imagining the possibilities for your outdoor lighting.

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