Kitchen Lighting

I called John and within moments I knew he was the guy for the job. John knows his stuff! We ended up going with recessed lighting, under cabinet lighting, pendants over my kitchen island and a new fixture in my breakfast area with dimming options for all and independent switches which I love.

BrandyFairburn, GA

Our Kitchen Lighting Service

Well designed kitchen lighting can bring to life an existing kitchen and make a newly remodeled space look multi-dimensional. Countertops, cabinets and tile back-splashes reveal their best qualities when properly illuminated. Simply adding LED under-cabinet strips or pucks creates a well lit area with an instant 3 dimensional space under your cabinets.

PowerWorks Electric offers professional lighting consultations for your kitchen. The evaluation considers three types of lighting needs in your space: task, general and decorative. Often kitchen lighting involves a task oriented island area that also needs a decorative aspect. While the customer needs to choose their fixture, they also need to consider the type of bulbs available for the light and the lumen output options.

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Bathroom LED Lighting

The countertops should be illuminated from above to prevent shadows on the work area. Typically we place high lumen LED recessed cans here paying particular attention to high use areas like the sink, cook-top and dominate preparation areas.

Adding dimmers to the area allows the homeowner to adjust the lighting levels to suit any situation.

kitchen-lighting-company1The Right Light for Your Kitchen

When it comes to producing the right kitchen lighting we do it best. With seven years of experience we offer professional kitchen lightingconsultations. Our consultations take into account the overall color scheme of the kitchen, the three types of lighting needs in your space, and a complete selection of the best lights available for your kitchen.

Kitchen Lighting & Color Schemes

When doing a kitchen lighting project it is crucial that the color schemes be properly understood and analyzed. By properly understand the kitchen’s color scheme the right LED lights can easily be chosen. Did you know that LED lighting comes in a variety of shades of white? For example, a 2700k LED light produces a warm white which works best in kitchens with earth-tones. A 3000k LED light produces a slightly whiter light which works better in black and white kitchens. As your kitchen lighting specialists we ensure that your kitchen is lit in the best way possible.

Why Choose Our Kitchen Lighting Services

Frequently we hear customers say that the other electricians were going to cut their ceilings full of holes. This requires the homeowner to higher a drywall repair specialist and a painter. In most all cases we install the lighting without any additional holes in the ceilings.


In early January of 2014 we were the third company to give a recessed can installation quote. The customer chose us because our prices were competitive and we said we could do the job with no additional ceiling damage.

Additionally, we air-sealed the recessed can lights in two ways. We use one piece light/trim combinations with foam gaskets and the cans we use are air-tight.

Our Credentials

John, the owner of PowerWorks Electric, holds an unrestricted electrical license in Georgia with reciprocity in 16 other states. Additionally, John has several Lutron lighting certificates as well as certificates from Kichler. With 7 years of experience doing kitchen lighting we know that our services are the top of the line.

Additional Information About Our Kitchen Lighting Services

The recessed can housing will last for decades. By utilizing the new LED light chips, the typical homeowner can expect 15 to 20 years of bulb life. That’s 20 times that of typical incandescent bulbs. Most LED manufacturers publish the life expectancy of the light on the outside of the box. LED lighting is a great option for kitchen lighting and other indoor lighting needs.