Arc Fault Breaker Repair in Newnan

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Senior Citizen Residence Electrician

Our client, an Elderly Residence had an arc-fault breaker protecting the receptacles that would not reset. This left the residence without power. We were called to repair the breaker. We evaluated the circuit and the breaker protecting the receptacles.

jd-power-works1About this Breaker Repair

We were able to resolve the problem quickly and effectively. There were adjacent arc-fault breakers in the panel. We moved the circuit in question to one of these other breakers. The circuit worked fine on another breaker so we ordered a new square D QO bolt-on breaker. The advanced electronics inside an AFCI breaker detect sudden bursts of electric current in milliseconds; long before a standard circuit breaker or fuse would trip. These new breakers are expensive, but prevent countless electrical fires.

We explained the method of testing and evaluation to the head of maintenance at the Elderly Residence home. He appreciated the education and our quick and efficient services. This job only took about 1 hour to complete. Not only was the staff pleased with our work, but the residence of this facility are all seniors and seemed to enjoy the interaction with our team of electricians.