Commercial 3-Phase Wiring in Fairburn, Ga

3-phase-wiringThis was a commercial wiring project we completed in Fairburn, Ga. We are a commercial and residential electrician company located out of Peachtree City. We service the surrounding areas as well! In order to learn more about this 3-phase wiring job we did, continue reading this article! You can also read about other projects we have done recently such as a security camera installation.

Beginning this Wiring Project

We worked with Paradise Fruit and Vegetable for this project They were replacing all their coolers used for fruits and vegetables. They needed to run the appropriate wire sizes and line protection devices. In order to complete this project, we designed a plan utilizing the current power-panel and upgraded all the conduit and disconnects.

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An electrical conduit is a system installed by electricians to protect and rout electrical wiring. These conduits may be composed of plastic, fired clay, fiber, or metal. It is possible to have flexible conduit, but that just depends on the nature of the project. We ran new conduit, uni-strut, wires, troughs and controllers from the panels to the points of use.

3-phase-wiring2Results of this Commercial Wiring Job

This job was tricky because it took 7 days to complete. Also, the produce needed to be preserved, so we had to manage the job to where the produce could still be refrigerated for a time. It turns out that we completed the job ahead of time and all the produce was preserved with zero loss! We were also able to maintain the receipt and shipment of product.

We worked side by side with a commercial refrigeration professional. Our techs worked very well together and were able to work quickly and efficiently. We have had a long standing relationship with this customer as we have been able to take care of all their electrical needs over the years in a professional and timely manner.