Commercial Oven Repair Peachtree City

oven-repair-ptc1Power Works Electric has recently done a commercial oven repair in Peachtree City. An oven at the Smokey Bones in Peachtree City was not working properly, so we were called to come repair the damage. Local businesses such as Smokey Bones trust our services because they know we can provide the proper work and services to get their equipment back in working order again. We have done indoor and outdoor commercial light repairs, as well as sign lighting repairs.

Two Different Oven Repairs in PTC

When we were first called about this job, the oven would not turn on. We diagnosed that the start-up problem was a defective Thermocouple control module. Once we replaced the thermocouple module, the smoker/oven worked properly.

On a return call, the oven would not maintain proper or consistent temperatures. The convection fan circulates heat and smoke evenly throughout the oven cavity, so we determined the capacitor controlling fan startup was not functioning properly. Once the capacitor was replaced, the convection fan worked perfectly. We also did a number of temperature tests to confirm setting.

oven-repair-ptc3Repaired Commercial Oven Results

The management of Smokey Bones was anxious to have ovens up and running for production. We responded quickly each time we were called and installed all parts as soon as they were received. They were thrilled to have their ovens all back online and they were happy with our immediate response to the problems.