Crystal Chandelier Relocation Newnan GA

crystal-chandelierJD Power Works does many different types of commercial and residential jobs. This job we have recently done was a crystal chandelier relocation in Newnan. Our client called us because we had an existing relationship and they knew we could fulfil their needs without any problems.

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crystal-chandelier2Moving the Chandelier

Our client was a cottage owner at Wesley Woods in Newnan. They recently moved to Peachtree City and they wanted their Waterford Crystal chandelier relocated. We have worked on many chandeliers in the area and we felt confident that we could remove, pack up, transport, and re-assemble the chandelier safely. The insured value of the chandelier exceeded $20,000.00.

Relocating from Newnan to Peachtree City

In order to do this job safely, we removed each crystal and wrapped it in a towel and packed them all in a box. In order to avoid fingerprints, we only touched the edges of the crystals.
The arms of the chandelier were also crystal. We transported these in the backseat of the owners truck by taping them to the seats. The chandelier transition was perfect with zero breakage.
We added an extra heavy duty junction box in the ceiling of the new location to carry the weight of the this crystal fixture.

crystal-chandelier3The client was very satisfied with our work. They were especially surprised and happy with how quickly we were able to pack up and install the chandelier. This job took us about 5 hours to complete.