Electric Pool Pump Replacement Peachtree City

We are a general electrician company. By this, we mean that we handle all things to do with power and electricity! This can include more things than you may think. We do many traffic light wiring jobs and commercial light repairs as well as residential jobs. Although we are not a pool maintenance company, pool pumps are electric, so we fix them as well!

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An existing had a pool pump that was not working and he wanted to know what was wrong. He called to come out and troubleshoot the problem us because we have a long history of accurate diagnosis. We did an onsite visit and determined that the pump had failed. That was evidenced by the melted components on the underside of the pump.

pool-pumpPool Pump Replacement

Because there were damaged, melted parts, the pump needed to be replaced! In order to fix the problem, we ordered a new pump for the pool and installed it. We have the expertise to diagnose and properly install a new pool pump. If you need electrical services for your pool or any other part of your home, call us today!

This client was very happy with our services! They were excited that we, their trusted electrical company, could service their pool pump replacement. If you have a question about an electrical problem or need services, call JD Power Works Electric today!