Electrical Damage from Ice Storm in Peacthree City

ice-storm-electric-damage2Peachtree City has recently undergone a severe ice storm. This ice storm caused many electrical problems. Power was out for a while in many homes around town. Fallen branches cause damage to roofs and electrical boxes and wiring outside homes as well. In this article, we’ll tell you about one of our clients and how we repaired their electrical damage from the ice storm. We also do residential and commercial electric repairs in Newnan, Fayetteville, and the surrounding areas.

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Electrical Damage from Ice Storm

Transformer Repair

During the ice storm, a tree had fallen and pulled down the power lines from a pole transformer to the home. These clients called us and we bid to do the repairs. We bid to install a new mast, mast head, and anchor. We also decided we were going to bring the grounding system up to code.

ice-storm-electric-damage3The customer was very frustrated at the loss of power. Their family had to move out of the home until power was restored. He was very thankful for our expedited repair allowing EMC to complete hook up and turn power back on. In order to do this job, we removed the meter from the housing. The mast was broken so we replaced that and removed the and replaced the head. Also, the anchor holding the pressure of the power line tension at the house was replaced.

How this Electric Repair Turned Out

This job took four hours to complete with two men working. The results turned out very well and our clients were very happy to have power back in their home. If you have damage from a storm in Peachtree City, call Power Works Electric today!