Electrical Outlets Peachtree City

outlet-installation1Electrical outlets make life convenient for us. They provide easy access to the electricity we use everyday! Some homes and businesses, however, simply do not have enough electrical outlets to satisfy the need for all of their appliances and other electrical needs. If you find yourself re-arranging the furniture to accommodate access to an electrical outlet, you may want to consider having more installed. If you decide to have electrical outlets installed in your home or business, call PowerWorks Electric, your local electrician, today!

Outlets Installed in Peachtree City

Recently, PowerWorks Electric installed outlets for Georgia Shrimp Company, a restaurant located in Peachtree City. They needed more outlets in the front of their store to power their computers and sound equipment.

We added one 4 outlet box and one 2 outlet box to the front of the restaurant and out on the front deck. Georgia Shrimp Company had a need for more outlet space so instead of using adapters and extension cords, they made the wise choice to have electrical outlets installed.

Call us to Have Outlets Installed

It only takes a couple hours for us to install electrical outlets. Many people need new outlets when they are remodeling a home or adding an extension to their house. If any of these circumstances apply to you, call PowerWorks Electric.