Generac Generator Installation Newnan

generac-generator1PowerWorks Electric has recently done a Generac Generator installation in Newnan, GA! The customer needed power back up supply for their medical equipment. He had experienced power outages last year and had to rig up portable generators to try and supply his needs. He called us to install a generac generator in the case that he would need to use it in emergency situations in the future. We installed a Generac Guardian Generator. Generac back up generators have become the standard of reliability. We used the premier local Generac dealer in Georgia. If you enjoy reading about this job we did, see other recent jobs such as a mast repair and kitchen cabinet lighting.

Transfer Switch Functions

Additionally, we installed an automatic transfer switch. This switch senses when city power is down for a set amount of time. Once that time is reached, the generator is turned on. generac-generator2The transfer switch will block the generator power from back feeding onto city power lines and create a path for the power to feed the home. This gives the home owner a peace of mind because he does not have to go out to start the generator and manage switches. Now, our client has a reliable generac guardian and transfer switch so he can have the confidence that his medical power needs will be met in a timely and synchronized manner even in the time of an emergency.
The installation process began with forming up a pad for the generator to rest on. Before we poured concrete, wire locations were plumbed into the pad area and trenches in the conduit were dug back to the home.
Once concrete was poured and cured, the generator (with the help of a tractor) was placed on the pad. All wiring and transfer switch work was then completed.

generac-generator4generac-generator3Results of this Generator Installation

The client was very pleased with how the job came out. The look of the generator area and transfer switch was professional looking and fit into the landscape very well. This job was unique because we had never installed a generator strictly for medical equipment before. We brought a Generac rep with us so there was no question that could not be answered. This gave the client answers to all his questions and a high level of confidence in our work.