Industrial Controls Newnan

industrial-controls1We have recently done a repair job for industrial controls in Newnan. Cintas shredding, an industrial business in Newnan called us because they needed electrical repairs done on some machinery. The conveyor belt motor that fed the paper shredder had stopped completely and they needed it fixed. If you are in need of a paper shredder repair, or any lighting installation or other electrical repairs, call PowerWorks Electric today!

Paper Shredder Repair

We were called to check the electronic drive system that ran the conveyor motor. In order to complete this job, we used an ohmmeter to check the resistance in the 30 amp fuses. An ohmmeter is an electrical instrument that measures electrical resistance which is the opposition to an electrical current.

After using the ohmmeter to check what is wrong with the paper shredder conveyor belt, we changed out 2 of 3 fuses and the frequency inverter. Cintas mobile document shredding is a unique service that more and more companies are using for security and convenience.

industrial-controls2-e1401210129479Results of this Shredder Repair

It was good to get the shredded paper baler running. Many trucks arrive daily with shredded documents to Cintas. These shredded documents need to be baled and recycled, so the shredded paper baler is very important in the process of recycling shredded paper. This project was interesting because it was apparent how very small switches and fuses can control massive industrial machines.