Interior LED Light Peachtree City

interior-led-lightingPowerWorks Electric has recently installed interior LED lights in Peachtree City. Many homeowners in PTC are switching to LED lightbulbs because they are energy efficient, and they emit brighter light! If you are having new lights installed, or would simply like to switch your old fashioned incandescent bulbs to LED lightbulbs, call PowerWorks Electric today! Also, if you need any other services such as an electrical plug replacement, or wall lighting, call PowerWorks Electric!

LED Light Upgrade

Our customer called because they did not want to have to change their lightbulbs any more. They knew that incandescent bulbs increase energy costs and also put off heat into the home. They wanted LED bulbs to reduce energy bills and to reduce the heat introduced into the home. We offered to install the bulbs and also install dimmers.

Results of this Lightbulb Replacement

We listed all the lightbulb usage, calculated the cost, convenience, and heated reduction. Finally, we converted the lights to LED bulbs. After the installation, our clients put their hands on the lights while they were turned on and were thrilled that the lights were not hot. They also had 3 chandeliers in their home. We changed the 2 of the 3 chandeliers to LED lightbulbs.