Kitchen Lighting Peachtree City

led-kitchen1JD Power Works installs new lighting for Peachtree City residents! In this article we will be outlining a recent job we’ve done in PTC. This job was for kitchen lighting in Peachtree City If you want to learn about other jobs we’ve done in the area, visit our Kitchen Lighting page! You’ll read about LED light installations and other jobs such as when we did chandelier relocation.

Kitchen Lights Designer Project in PTC

We partnered with Turan Designs to create a lighting scheme to completely light all task areas while revealing and enhancing the inherent beauty of the kitchen. We worked closely with Turan Designs to create a plan for this Peachtree City kitchen. led-kitchenWe listened to Turan’s Designs ideas and developed a lighting plan to satisfy their needs and concerns. We installed 5 LED recessed cans in task areas and LED under cabinet lighting to brighten countertops.

The great thing about these LED can lights is that they can be dimmed and they provide dispersed lighting rather than direct rays. Light under the cabinets are becoming more and more popular because it illuminates the beautiful granite and highlights the backsplash. We also installed 3 pendant lights for functionality and as a decorative aspect. The pendant lights truly do add a beautiful aspect to the entire kitchen design.

led-kitchen3Because of the dark back splash and floor coloring we chose LED’s that emitted color in the 3000′ Kelvin range. This color while still bringing a warm aspect is on the brighter than a commonly used 2500″Kelvin lamp. Working with Turan Designs was a great experience. While they bring an excellence in kitchen design, PowerWorks delivers a crucial lighting design analyses and the professional skills to install all the lighting features.

Finished Peachtree City Kitchen Lighting Project

This job turned out perfectly. Proper lighting was supplied to all task areas, while adding an attractive updated appeal. led-kitchen2The LED lighting and placement vividly enhance the style and character of the kitchen. The customer was thoroughly pleased with the chosen color of illumination used as well as the overall beauty and modern look created in the kitchen. We completed the job in one day.