Mast Repair Newnan

mast-repair-newnan1The past storm in our area caused many damages to homes all around Newnan, Peachtree City, and Fayetteville. PowerWorks Electric has been busy doing electrical repairs from the storm. This past storm had broken a large limb from a tree which pulled the mast off the home disconnecting power to the house.

Outdoor Electrical Repair in Newnan

After inspecting the job, we repaired the mast and placed it back on the home.
Also, the power line anchor needed to be replaced as it had been torn from the gable end peak of the home. mast-repair-newnan2Also, at this time the panel box grounding system was brought up to code.

The siding was repaired so meter and mast could be reattached to home. The new power line anchor was attached to home. Two ground rods were driven and connected to panel box, also the panel box was bonded to ground.This job took 7 hours to complete. The client was very happy to have the mast repaired and he was pleased with the efficiency that we worked!

Electric Terms

mast-repair-newnan3In case you are not up to speed in your electricity equipment terminology, here are a few definitions to help you understand what we were working with.

Mast: The power company attaches its wires to the top of the service mast where the wires are connected to the meter base. The mast contains those wires.

Power Line Anchor: Fixture that attaches the power line to the home.

If you have any questions regarding this job, or need your mast repaired, call PowerWorks Electric at (770) 689-9620 today! We would love to hear from you!