Neon Light Sign Repair Newnan

shanes-neon-lightsJD PowerWorks Electric is a commercial and residential electrician company. We take care of many different electrical repairs in Newnan and the surrounding areas. If you need an electrical repair, call JD PowerWorks today! Recently, we have done jobs in Peachtree City and Fairburn. These jobs were a commercial 3 phase wiring job and a security camera installation wiring job. Keep us in mind when you or your company needs an electrical repair.

Our customer was Shane’s Rib Shack. The letters on the sign would not light up. We came out to check out the problem. We evaluated the problem based on our understanding of how neon lights work and presented a solution.

shanes-neon-lights1Repairing these Neon Lights

Neon lights glow because high voltage excites the atoms of an inert gas. We checked the input and output voltage of the transformers and determined they were functioning properly. The glass tubing for the neon lighting was also intact. It turns out that the contact junctions connecting the gas tubes to the high voltage side needed to be re-done. As soon as these were cleaned and tightened, the lights worked perfectly.

Results of this Repair in Newnan

shanes-neon-lights2The owners and managers of Shanes Rib Shack applauded the quick repair. The job only took one hour to complete. Troubleshooting was not difficult because we understood the physics behind neon lighting. Our quick and efficient services left this client very satisfied with our work. They were also happy that they were able to find a local electrician company to do the work.