Newnan LED Lighting Installation

led-lightsWe specialize in residential and commercial LED installation. LED lights are great for people to have in their homes and businesses. This type of light is very efficient in the energy it uses. The bulbs last much longer than the more traditional light bulbs. If you need an LED installation in Newnan or any of the surrounding locations, call JD PowerWorks Electric today! We do commercial electric work and residential projects! Click here to read about the arc fault breaker we have recently completed in Newnan.

LED Lights for the Cookie Display

led-lights1-e1387854638448The Great American Cookie store in Newnan, GA needed LED lighting in their cookie display cases. This type of lighting produces very little heat and keeps the cookies in great condition. For this client, we proposed a custom LED installation that produced great light but produced very little heat.

Commercal LED Installation

In order to do this job, we drilled holes in the cabinet and ran LED tape under the edges of the shelves. We soldered all the connections and terminated them on to a 360 watt low voltage transformer. The LED lights blended into the cabinets constructed and lit the shelving perfectly with 4000K light. LED lighting is becoming the choice of many commercial customers. PowerWorks Electric offers a professional cost effective LED solution for many applications.

led-lights2We were contracted by Market Surfaces to do the work at the Newnan Great American Cookie Company. This job took a total of about 7 hours. The results were fantastic! Our client was very satisfied with their new LED lights and we enjoyed the complimentary hot cookies given to us upon completion.