Outdoor Deck Lighting

outdoor-deck-lighting1We have recently completed an outdoor deck lighting job in Peachtree City! If you would like lighting installed for your outdoor deck, call PowerWorks Electric today! In this article, you will read about the new deck lighting we installed for our client in Peachtree City. We also provided ceiling fans for our client. The lights installed were recessed can lights.

Fan and Light Installation

The customer wanted to light his new deck, but wanted to keep the fans and lights separate to avoid the flashing fan-blade shadow on the ceiling. We recommended installing recessed can lights and mounting the fans tight to the ceiling. The job was fully inspected by the county and passed the first time it was checked out.

outdoor-deck-lighting2We installed the wiring and the devices before the ceiling was finished. This gave the whole project a smooth, seamless look. We installed dimmers so the owners could control the intensity of the light depending on the use of the space.

How the Deck Lighting Turned Out

Until we suggested it, the homeowners had never considered the separation of lights and fans. The final product looked very classy and well thought out. They enjoyed the dimmers and that they could make the lights shine as bright or as dim as they desired.