Outlets, Fans, and Lighting Installation Peachtree City

lighting-fan-outlets1We install outlets, fans, lighting, and all sorts of other electrical fixtures for commercial companies. Our client, the Georgia Shrimp Company, needed outlets, fans, and lighting installed in their restaurant. The outlets needed to be installed at the front of the restaurant and out on the front deck.

How We Completed this Peachtree City Job

The customer also wanted fans for cooling the customers on the front deck. They desired soft lighting to also be installed on the front deck. Soft lighting is different than task lighting because task lighting highlights areas and soft lighting simply illuminates an area.

In order to do this job, we added one 4 outlet box and one 2 outlet box in the front to power computers and sound equipment. We also added outlets and fans out on the front deck. Time period, character lighting was added also to the deck for atmosphere.

lighting-fan-outlets2Electrical Installation Repairs

This job turned out great! We used emt conduit to bring power to front outlets and fans. The Georgia Shrimp Company was very happy with the results. It only took us one day to complete the entire job! We have had a relationship with Georgia Shrimp for many years, taking care of their electrical issues. We love visiting the restaurant and enjoying the wonderful meals.