Sconce Lighting Peachtree City

sconce-lighting-ptcPowerWorks Electric installs sconce lighting in Peachtree City! If you need kitchen lighting, sconce lighting, electrical outlets, or any other electric repair, call PowerWorks Electric today! Read this article to learn more about a sconce light installation we’ve recently done in PTC.

What is Sconce Lighting?

Sconce Lighting is usually used to brighten up dim hallways or entryways. A sconce is a light fixture which is attached to the wall and usually (but not always) directs light upward. This type of lighting originated when sconces were installed on walls to hold up torches.

sconce-lighting-ptc1Our client, Paul, was looking to bring accent lighting to different areas of his home. One specific area was to enhance a picture in a hallway. We presented Paul with the idea of sconce lighting to bring the changes he hoped for. Paul was able to pick out the fixtures that would bring the look he was hoping for. We were able to run all the new wiring down from the attic and up from the basement to the new sites without causing sheetrock damage.

Results of this Sconce Lighting Installation

sconce-lighting-ptc2Paul was very happy with his choice of sconces and our work to create the exact lighting effect he was hoping for. The work turned out perfectly. At Powerworks Electric, we specialize in being able to run our wiring to new fixtures without damaging the surrounding sheetrock. From the beginning, we could see Paul had a great eye for design. As we worked with him we were both pleased with the final outcome. This job only took one day to complete.