Security Camera Installation, Newnan GA

security-camera-install-newnan1Power Works Electric does security camera installations in Newnan and the surrounding areas! This article is an overview of an installation job we recently did for a client in Newnan. We do many residential electrician jobs, such as a flat screen TV installation and kitchen light installations. This client had concerns about people passing through their property and other general security concerns.

Tracking Lights and Security Cameras

security-camera-install-newnan3We worked with the customer to place cameras and tracking fixtures to get the best coverage of the yard and high concern areas. This job took place in the last week of February.

The project involved the installation of four fixed view cameras, one 360 degree camera and two infrared movement tracking flood lights. All cameras feed live data streams to a monitoring system in the home. The system is designed by Defender. One of the unique features of this project was the installation of infrared, movement-tracking flood lights. Once the fixture detects movement, the flood light comes on and tracks the moving object with bright light.

Results of this Security System Installation

security-camera-install-newnan4This job turned out very well. All cameras blend in with the building as best as possible. We were able to cover all areas of concern on the property. We also connected all live feeds to the monitoring system in the home. The client had done his own investigation of the system he wanted and all areas he wanted covered. We advised on the location of cameras. The customer was satisfied with the quality of installation and coverage provided by the cameras.