Sign and Parking Lot Lighting

parking-lot-lightWe have recently done work for Discovery Point, a child care center in Sharpsburg, GA. The sign at the side of the road was not lighting up. In addition, the parking lot lights were not coming on. This created a safety hazard and needed to be corrected immediately. We, at JD PowerWorks, were able to diagnose both issues.

Electrical Repairs in Sharpsburg

As we examined the parking lot lights at the center in Sharpsburg, we concluded that they needed to have rebuild kits installed as well as new metal halide bulbs. Also, photo cells which function as on/off switches needed to be replaced. Metal halide bulbs emit intense white light. parking-lot-light1These bulbs are some of the most efficient as well! By inspecting the discovery roadside sign, we decided the sign also had bulbs that needed replacing. We would replace those bulbs with high lumen daylight fluorescent tubes and a new photo sensor.

In order to do this job, lighting issues were tested and diagnosed allowing us to order needed components. High lifts were used to rebuild the parking lot fixtures and to install the new bulbs. The two photo sensors were tested and replaced. The discovery sign was disassembled with the needed parts being replaced.

parking-lot-light3Results of this Lighting Repair

Our work resolved all lighting issues. The parking lot lighting now illuminates the darkness increasing safety in the parking lot. Signage comes on at night allowing for advertising and easy location of Discovery Point Child Development.

Discovery Point was pleased with the work we did! They were happy that we were able to schedule and complete the work in a very short time. We were able to return the lighting and safety to the parking lot area. If you need commercial lighting repairs, do not hesitate to call us today! Also, we invite you to read the recent posts on our site. Recent jobs we’ve done include a charge circuit installation and an LED Kitchen lighting project.