Task Lighting in Peachtree City

task-lighting-ptc1Many of the residential jobs we do here at PowerWorks Electric are located in the kitchen. One common need we face from our clients is task lighting in the kitchen. Cabinet lighting is also a very common request. PowerWorks electric provides all types of kitchen lighting, all you need to do is call to set up an estimate time!

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Task Lighting in Peachtree City
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task-lighting-ptc2Under Cabinet Lighting in Peachtree City

This job was a task lighting job in Peachtree City with under cabinet lighting as well. Our customer wanted task lighting for under their cabinets. In addition, she wanted lighting that would make the cabinets stand out. She also wanted to be able to control the intensity of the light. We did this for the kitchen cabinets and for cabinets in a kitchen in the finished basement

We used dimmable LED lighting strips to light the under cabinets. Along with doing this we put dimmable LED lighting above her wine glass rack. As the light comes through the glasses, they glow.We also chose to use LED strips as they usually are not visible. We do all our under cabinet lighting in a manner so as not to have anything visible but the light.

task-lighting-ptc3Kitchen Lighting Results

The customer was very happy with the lighting arrangement. The task lighting looked great and the fact they could dim the LEDs down low as soft back lighting while in their living room was an added plus. Moreover, they were excited by the look of the LED light coming through the glassware giving it a luminous appearance.