Truck Charging Circuit in Fairburn

charging-circuitThe Fairburn Fire department needed a convenient and safe method of recharging the battery units contained in their trucks. Defibrillators, radios, and other life saving devices need to be fully charged at all times. Prior to this work, power was supplied to the trucks by extension cords which created a trip hazard during the rush to the vehicles during emergencies. The Fairburn Fire department called JD PowerWorks Electric to create a solution for this problem.

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PowerWorks Electric created 4 new 120v circuits bringing power to truck bays from above. The withdrawal of extension cords eliminated the trip hazard during times of emergency.

charging-circuit2Installing the Charging Circuit

In order to complete this electrical job in Fairburn, the electricians ran electrical metal tubing (emt) from the breaker panel up the walls and then used mc across the ceiling. Next, heavy duty flexible cords were dropped from junction boxes just above the concrete floors. Strain-relief devices were employed to prevent over-flexing of the electrical connections. Our purpose was to make a fire station safer for the medics and fireman during emergencies. The plugs we installed automatically eject as soon as the trucks fire-up their engines. This prevents the cords from staying attached when the trucks leave the stations.

charging-circuit3Results of the Electric Install

This Fairburn installation was excellent and it only took two days to complete. The fire chief felt the job was done quickly and to his exact specifications. The fire station also needed all the smoke alarms updated and the exit signs serviced. It was interesting to see that at the Fairburn Fire Department, they take fire fighting and prevention seriously both on the job and at their station.