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3 Reasons To Consider A Home Generator

Obviously, having consistent power is important in our modern world. Whether from an electrical blackout or inclement weather, being without power will dramatically impact your lifestyle and comfort. If a power outage occurs during the winter months, you could be forced to stay with a friend because of having no heat. At Powerworks Electric, we install quality home generators to keep your home running regardless of the weather and power surges. There are many reasons to consider a home generator and all of them can ultimately be linked to keeping your peace of mind.

  • Save Your Food—Power surges seem to come at particularly inconvenient times, such as right after you did your weekly grocery run or finished your freezer meal prep for the month. Unfortunately, food in your fridge and freezer will spoil quickly. If your power outage lasts longer than four hours, you will have to start worrying about spoiling food. Some bacteria types can double in a few minutes once your refrigerator reaches above 40 degrees. Not all bacteria will be obvious to the senses, so your family could get sick ingesting spoiled food without realizing it. A backup generator can save hundreds of dollars in ruined food during a power outage. Also, your family will still be able to eat safely during a storm. Without a generator, your family could be stuck eating only shelf stable food by candlelight.
  • Remain Functional—With a generator, you can live more normally amid a storm. Consistent power can be especially important for someone working from home. In many cases, your generator can keep you connected with the internet until your normal power can be restored. Loss of power could mean a loss of essential income. A generator gives the peace of mind that you can keep living and working as you need to. Also, a generator will keep your home livable. Homeowners without generators are often forced to stay with a friend or at a hotel during a major outage. Not only is this inconvenient, but there are some opportunistic thieves who look for opportunities during outages to break in. Avoid having to move out of your home and risk a break in.
  • Maintain Heat—Although September in Georgia is still very hot, fall and winter weather are truly just around the corner. If your power goes out, your home will become cold. Your family will be less comfortable. Also, you will risk having your pipes freeze. When pipes freeze, you could have to wait days to have water again. The chance of a frozen pipe bursting is quite high since water expands when it is frozen. Plumbing issues can cause serious and costly damage quickly. When you have a backup generator, you can set it to keep your home at 55 degrees to avoid frozen pipes.

A backup generator is designed to kick on when your power goes out and shut off once your power is restored. Experience the peace of mind for yourself by scheduling a visit from Powerworks Electric. Our quality home generators will keep you powered up regardless of the storms and outages in the months ahead.

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