Meter Base & Breaker Panel Replacement Keeping You Powered, Safe, and in Compliance

Your meter base performs the important role of telling the electric company how much electricity you are using. Electricity passes through your electrical meter to the breaker panel, which controls all of your home's electricity. If either of these are malfunctioning, your home's electricity may not be functioning properly, your home's safety might be compromised, and your home's compliance with regulations may be in question. The team at PowerWorks is trained and prepared to handle all of your electrical needs with exceptional quality and service.

Why Choose Powerworks Electric

We think beyond just function

Electrical work is not just a bunch of wires and behind the wall work. We recognize how electrical work can be done with an eye for design. Not only do our electrical solutions work, but all aesthetic opportunities will be maximized too.

We are straightforward about pricing

Before we start a job, we give you the bottom line of what the work will cost. You never have to worry about racking up hourly costs, wondering how much your project will end up costing.

We expect you to hold us to high standards

If we say we are coming at a certain time, we will be there. We are committed to meeting your expectations both in our customer service and work. When we complete a project, we leave a clean space out of our respect for your home or business.

We are specialized, qualified, and experienced

Although we perform all the services of your everyday electrician, we reach beyond to provide innovative, quality, and upscale services for our clients as well. With 30+ years of collective industry experience, whether you are looking for state of the art home automation, a discreet charging station for your Tesla, stylish lighting solutions, or anything in between, PowerWorks Electric is ready and capable.

Powerworks Electric

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