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How Do You Know If A Circuit Breaker Needs To Be Replaced?

Circuit breakers are an essential safety component in the world of electricity. These remarkable devices protect our electrical networks in case of a short circuit or overload event. Circuit breakers provide “overcurrent protection,” which is crucial to safety throughout the house or workplace. A breaker does this by opening when excess amounts of electricity pass through it, therefore cutting the circuit and stopping the flow of electricity.

Our culture demands more electricity than ever before, with the latest technologies requiring more and more power. And with those innovations, the circuit breaker has adapted to tackle these tasks, guaranteeing better energy proficiency over time. In order to keep our workplaces and technologies safe, we need to maintain our breakers and help them perform optimally. If a circuit breaker starts to go bad, there will be warning signs, and it’s very important to understand what they are and what they mean.

Signs of a Circuit Breaker Going Bad

There are a few odd things you might notice when a breaker begins its downward spiral. These include:

  • Household lights turning on and off or flickering
  • Appliance interruptions and poor performance
  • Light bulbs burning out quickly
  • A burning smell coming from your breaker panel

Signs of a Circuit Breaker Needing Replacement

The following signs might indicate the need to replace your circuit breaker:

  • Consistent tripping
  • Visible damage
  • Age

Now that you know what to look out for, you might wonder if you can repair your breaker yourself. The safest answer to that would be no – unless you happen to be a licensed electrician. If you were to do it yourself, you may need a particular permit and you’d have to follow all applicable electrical codes. The better option would be to hire a professional electrician.

If you’re in need of circuit breaker repairs or replacement, look no further than PowerWorks Electric. We are a specialized team of professionals, recognizing that electrical work has a massive impact on our customers’ well-being. Delivering quality work and outstanding customer service, PowerWorks Electric is the Electrician you need in Peachtree City, GA! Give us a call today! (770) 689-9620

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