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How to Install Exterior Lighting on Siding

Whether installing charming front door lights or porch lights around your outdoor entertaining space, exterior lighting can improve the appearance, function, and safety of your home. Installing exterior light fixtures can be a tricky process for someone trying to DIY their lighting. With most electrical projects, we encourage homeowners to leave it to the professionals. Making mistakes with electrical work can lead to damaging electrical shocks or fires. Powerworks Electric has the experience to handle installing your exterior light fixture on vinyl siding and more.

The Main Reasons to Hire a Professional

  • Protect your home and your family—If you do not have electrician training, we recommend leaving the electrical work to us. Getting shocked or causing an electrical fire is not worth it.
  • Ensure the job is done properly—With exterior lights, you must be careful about getting everything sealed up. Your exterior lights could easily be damaged by the elements and water if they are not properly sealed. Protect your investment in your exterior lights by hiring a professional to make sure they are waterproof. Additionally, we can evaluate your circuit breaker to ensure it will not be overloaded by adding the exterior lights. If your circuit breaker is overloaded, we can provide solutions to get the power access you need.

How the Process Works

  • You Select Your Exterior Lights—There are a variety of exterior light choices to suit any home’s style. We can help you find the ideal solution to fit your needs. Once you pick out your lights, we will schedule your installation.
  • We Complete Your Installation—Depending on your lighting choice and siding, installing a mounting block on your existing siding may be necessary. A mounting block will help ensure stability and a proper seal to prevent moisture. We will switch off power to the circuit we are using, so be prepared that this circuit will remain off until the installation is complete. Our team will cut a space into your siding to accommodate the fixture and prepare the rubber gasket for sealing. We will run the wiring from the fixture behind the siding and connect it to your electrical cable. The fixture will be secured to the siding or to the exterior light mounting block with screws. Afterward, we may utilize a silicone caulk to better waterproof your fixture if needed. Your breaker will be turned back on, and we will check that the fixture works properly.

Exterior lighting can help guide you to your front door or transform your backyard into the perfect spot for an evening barbecue. Imagine the possibilities with our team at Powerworks Electric today!

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