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How to Install Security Lights with Solar Power

Security lights can play an important role in keeping your home safe. Although best paired with other home security measures, motion-activated security lights are an effective deterrent for intruders. Home invaders typically target homes with little to no outdoor lighting because they can hide under the cloak of darkness. Lighting up your yard communicates that your home has been secured properly. Powerworks Electric offers security light installation to help ensure your family’s safety. Security lights come in wired electric varieties and solar-powered varieties. Our team installs both wired and solar-powered security lights, depending on your personal preference. For a handy homeowner, you may feel comfortable installing your own solar-powered security lights. We do recommend leaving the wired ones at least to the professionals to avoid any electrical dangers or overloading your system’s voltage. 

How to Install Solar Power Security Lights

  • Turn it On–Your solar powered security light most likely will have a switch to turn it on. Turning it on means that the light is prepared to come on if it detects motion or if the ambient light level falls below 20 Lux. 
  • Choose the Right Spot–Solar powered devices need direct access to sunlight, so consider where your solar powered security lights are installed. The lights should be installed about 6-8 feet off the ground. Your security lights need to charge as much as possible, so there is ample charge for the times it needs to come on. If your home and yard are mostly shaded, solar powered lighting may not be the best choice. Also, several days of rainy weather can cause your battery to run out and the lights fail to work. Thankfully, they will recharge and function properly after the next sunny day.
  • Attach your Light–Measure and make a mark where you will install the light. Use an impact drill to prepare a hole. Put concrete anchors in to provide stability and use screws to attach the light. 

With decades of experience, our team at Powerworks Electric is standing by to help with your security light installation, whether you choose electric or solar-powered. We will ensure that your home is properly lit for your safety!

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