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How To Maintain a Generac Generator

Generators have become invaluable tools for homes and businesses, especially during unexpected power outages or adverse weather conditions. Generac stands out among the other various brands for its reliability and robust performance. Proper maintenance can ensure these generators run smoothly for years.

Regular Inspection: It’s a good practice to inspect your generator once a month for signs of wear and tear or loose parts. For a more thorough examination, consider contacting an experienced electrician in Senoia like Powerworks Electric, as we are trained to spot and address potential issues before they become significant problems.

Change the Oil: If you have a new Generac generator, it’s crucial to change the oil after its first 30 hours of operation. After that, aim to replace the oil every 100 hours or annually, at the least. For guidance on the process or best type of oil to use, consult a licensed electrical contractor in Sharpsburg, GA.

Replace Air Filters: Depending on your usage, the air filter should be replaced every 50-100 hours. This simple step can significantly impact the generator’s performance.

Check the Spark Plugs: Regularly inspect your generator’s spark plugs. If they appear worn out or corroded, it’s time for a replacement. This task is best left to professionals to ensure the generator’s longevity. At Powerworks Electric, we have the equipment and experience needed to ensure a smooth and seamless replacement. 

Ensure Adequate Fuel: Consistently monitor fuel levels. Running a generator on low fuel can damage it over time. Using fresh gasoline prevents engine blockages, ensuring smooth operation.

Test Runs: Even if you don’t need to use the generator, run it for about 30 minutes every month. This keeps the parts lubricated and helps identify any operational issues.

Storage Considerations: If you plan to store your generator for an extended period, choose a cool, dry location. Before storage, it’s wise to drain the fuel or add a stabilizer to prevent potential gasoline issues.

Professional Maintenance: Consider scheduling an annual maintenance check with an electrical contractor in Newnan, GA like Powerworks. Regular professional check-ups can extend your generator’s life and ensure it’s always ready to perform when needed.

Stay Updated: Periodically check with the manufacturer or your local electrician for any updates, recalls, or additional maintenance tips related to Generac generators.

At Powerworks Electric, our team understands that long-term maintenance on your generator is essential, time-consuming, and requires a professional touch to ensure everything runs smoothly. With that in mind, we’ve dedicated our electrician services to customer satisfaction and excellence. This includes everything from our Generac generator installation and maintenance to EV charger installation. Contact us today to learn more about our team of professionals and what we offer!

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