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Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Front of House

The outside of your home conveys an impression to everyone who passes by. Whether you are in your forever home or considering selling your home soon, the curb appeal of your home is still important. Since your house is likely your greatest asset and investment, your home should reflect well on you as a homeowner. By using intentional outdoor lighting, Powerworks Electric can help you maximize your curb appeal and spotlight your home’s beauty. 

Partnering with Powerworks Electric

If you search for “outdoor lights for the front of house” online, you will be overloaded with a variety of choices. Narrowing down the right exterior lighting ideas for your home can be overwhelming. The Powerworks Electric team enjoys brainstorming with homeowners to find the ideal lighting choices to suit their style and needs. We can help you choose high-quality lighting options that fit your budget. If being eco-friendly is important for your family, we can help you find solar-powered options that still fit with your overall aesthetic. Once we build a customized plan for your outdoor lighting, we can handle all the necessary preparations, such as calculating voltage and running the appropriate wiring. 

Outdoor Home Lighting Ideas

Step Lighting–If your home has steps leading up to the front door, step lighting can be an attractive and practical choice. Although you could use traditional post-style lights, you can also place lights underneath the steps, on the vertical part of the steps, or along the side of the steps casting light on each step. Step lighting creates a welcoming ambiance, guiding guests to your front door. Also, this type of lighting has practical value as it helps your family and friends navigate the steps safely after dark. 

Traditional Lanterns and Wall Sconces–Lantern-style outdoor lighting has been around for many years because it is a classic look that works with almost any style of home. Lanterns could be hung on each side of your front door, along your porch, centered in front of the door, or over your porch seating area. A lantern is a classic and timeless choice, so you will not have to worry about updates for a couple years. When framing the door with sconces on each side, sconce outdoor lighting can bring together your front porch decor and create a cohesive first impression of your home. 

Garden Spotlight–If you have attractive garden beds along the front of your home or large pots on your porch, they can be good focal points for your outdoor lighting. You could even consider adding a bench or seating area around your garden area to create a peaceful place to relax after sunset. LED planters can double as both lighting and a garden. The planter pots illuminate your home’s exterior, but they still hold plants in the same way as traditional planters. LED planters come in different colors, so you can find the color palette that works best for you. 

Architectural Lighting–Lights placed along the front exterior of your home can highlight the beauty of your home’s architecture. In addition to accentuating your home’s best qualities, architectural lighting can also improve your home’s safety. Home intruders are less likely to approach a home when they cannot have the cover of darkness. 

Pathway Lighting–If your home has a pathway leading from the street or the driveway to your front door, lighting can help ensure your family and friends can arrive safely. From small post-style lights to flush to the ground lights, there are many styles out there to fit your needs and style. A well-lit path is important for the safety of your family and friends and minimizes the chances of a fall hazard or liability issue. 

If you are ready to light up your home and brighten up your curb appeal, reach out to Powerworks Electric. We can help you find the lighting solutions your family needs!

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