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Power Up Your Life with Generac Generators

Having a generator is essential when dealing with the constant storms that arrive every summer. Electricity is a daily necessity, and when a blackout hits, that necessity can be taken away instantly, leaving us in the dark until power is restored. Even though waiting it out is an option, there’s no way to know when the power will switch back on, making it impossible to determine when you can get up and running again. For these situations, Powerworks Electric’s team of Electricians in Sharpsburg, GA is proud to offer Generac® generator installation. With Generac®’s innovative engineering, all the bases are covered, and you’ll be ahead of the game when storms strike.

What Is Generac®?

Originally founded in 1959, Generac® was the first company to produce home generators that were both affordable and effective. With its line of powerful products, made especially for the regular homeowner, Generac® soon became the number one name in home backup generators, also leading the industry in manufacturing with its specialized designs that have contributed to advances in producing quieter and more efficient machines. 

Why Choose Generac® Generators?

With Generac®, your home stays up and running whenever utility power shuts down. For example, let’s say that a massive storm knocks out all the power in your home and surrounding areas. You won’t be left in the dark if you own a Generac® generator. With automatic sensors, your generator will know within seconds that the power’s gone out, instantly turning on to provide your home with electricity. Your Generac® generator will run on your existing natural gas or propane supply as long as needed before automatically shutting down when utility power comes back on.

How Do I Get A Generac® Generator Installed?

At Powerworks Electric, we work directly with Generac® to expertly install any of its high-quality generators. Our team of Electricians Near Newnan, GA, will first prep the installation site outside your home. Next, we’ll position your new Generac® generator in place, run the natural gas or liquified petroleum line, make all the needed connections, and make sure the generator is ready to go!

With a Generac® generator installed by Powerworks Electric, you’ll never need to be concerned about power outages again. If you’re looking for Licensed Electrical Contractors in Senoia, or elsewhere, to get your electrical system up and running, call Powerworks Electric today at 770-670-6239!

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