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Should I Wire My Home for Multiple EVs?

As excitement builds around electric vehicles, many drivers are shifting to alternative fuel sources. When you purchase an electric vehicle (EV), you are provided with a cord to charge your vehicle at home. This cord is not as efficient or as powerful as a home charging station. A home charging station is wise assuming you drive more than 20 miles at a time. Although you may be able to find charging stations along your way, if your morning commute exceeds 20 miles, you could benefit from having a charging station. Depending on your needs, you may find having your home wired for multiple EV chargers is helpful. Powerworks Electric can help whether you are installing one or more EV chargers.  If you are on the fence about whether you should wire for multiple EVs, consider a few strong benefits of having multiple chargers.

  • Accommodate Your Household’s Vehicles—If you plan to have more than one EV in your family, having multiple chargers will be helpful. Families can have ongoing fights over using cell phone chargers so you can only imagine the hassle if multiple cars depend on one charging station. Save yourself from family drama and invest in multiple charging stations.
  • Share Your Charger—If your friends are joining the shift to EVs, they may need to borrow your charger when they are over to visit so they can get tanked up to return home. Beyond energizing your friends and family’s EVs, you can choose to support the EV community by joining PlugShare. They have an application that allows you to register as a charging station for other EV users. By sharing your station, you are furthering the electric movement. The more EV drivers who participate the better the charging options will be. Lend you charger and you may find another PlugShare participant to help you down the road.
  • Enjoy More Options—If both stalls of your garage are outfitted to charge, you can park wherever suits you. Also, if a guest is blocking your space, you can use the other one. We can customize the voltage of your station to accommodate your specific vehicle. Not all EVs require the same voltage. If you need help determining your needed voltage, reach out to our team for help.

If you want to wire your house to accommodate multiple EVs, Powerworks Electric can help adapt your home to support your needs. Since EVs require the proper voltage, leave it to our professional team to provide the power you need. We are proud of you for choosing alternative fuel sources and we are happy to support your commitment to the future and the environment through outfitting your house for charging.

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