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Solar Power Battery Systems: What Are Your Options In 2021?

Whether you are considering a solar power battery option to have reliable power regardless of weather or to get off the grid, solar power backups can save you money and decrease your dependence upon electricity. Powerworks Electric can help if you are ready to explore the possibilities with solar energy. We are an authorized Tesla installer for car charging stations, but we are experienced and capable with a variety of solar energy options. In terms of solar batteries to power your home, the Tesla Powerwall is an innovative leader with many benefits. Tesla has changed the availability of the Powerwall to typically only allow customers utilizing their solar panels or solar roof to purchase one. There are other solar battery options to consider if your home’s solar panels or roof are not from Tesla. From charging your car to powering your home, we will highlight a few of the best available solar options.

Tesla Powerwall—Tesla now includes a Powerwall home battery with every solar purchase. The Powerwall is designed to store up solar power, so your home can be powered by the battery when the sun is not shining. The stored up power can be used during the day or night as well as during a power outage. The Powerwall will recharge when the sun is shining again. Tesla has a warranty ensuring that the Powerwall will be functioning at at least 70% for 10 years. You can count on your home running for several days if the electricity goes down. A Powerwall’s system detects an outage and recharges the battery to keep your home up and running. Improvements to the system now allow for electric vehicles to be charged during a power outage as well. The current Powerwall delivers reliable 24/7 outage protection with a large 13.5 kWh capacity all while being cost-effective.

There are a few alternatives to consider if your solar roof or panels are not made by Tesla.

sonnenCore—This solar battery was released for residential use in 2020. The sonnen’s smart technology allows homeowners to manage their solar energy and control how it is used. This feature could be helpful if sunny days for recharging are limited. This battery also comes with a 10 year warranty, promising to maintain at least 70% storage capacity. The sonnenCore only comes in one capacity, so installing more than one may be necessary for larger homes. Also, this battery is not rated for outdoor installation, so you will need to plan a spot indoors.

The LG Chem Resu Prime—Released this year, the higher capacity LG Chem was made to directly compete with the Tesla Powerwall. This battery can be used as a whole house backup power source as well as for day to day use. There are two different capacities, 10 and 16 kWh, to accommodate the power needs of your home. You can even pair multiple batteries if needed to meet your desired power needs. The LG also has a 10 year warranty with 70% capacity maintained. These batteries are floor-mounted and usually easily serviced conveniently at your home. The 16kWh model is typically sufficient for the average home’s power needs. If you are looking for a backup option or a way to cut back on electric bills, the LG will work for your needs. This battery is a hybrid-system that expects that you will have electricity back within about a day, so not as solid of a choice if being more off the grid is your goal.

Panasonic Evervolt—With a trusted name like Panasonic, the quality of this battery is not surprising. Panasonic sells some of the most efficient solar panels in the market, which pair perfectly with the Evervolt. The Evervolt has compatibility with other solar panels though. Batteries come in 11.4 and 17.1 kWh, but you can utilize multiple batteries to expand up to 102 kWH for a complete home backup system. The Evervolt can be connected through your home’s wiring or your solar inverter, which is a unique feature of the product to better cater to a customer’s needs.  The 10 year warranty from Panasonic only promised 60% capacity, which is slightly weaker than the competition.

If you are interested in exploring your options for solar power, reach out to Powerworks Electric. We can help you find the ideal fit for your needs and budget. 

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