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Staying Grounded

Every metal box in your facility should have what is called a bonding jumper to adhere to safety requirements and code. A bonding jumper creates a bond with the structure of the building. Bonding jumpers must be sized to suit the needs of your building and to manage the possible electrical current. When your equipment is bonded properly, the system should be able to safely manage a variety of potential electrical dangers, such as surge currents, static electricity, lightning currents, ground fault currents, and more. Bonding is important because it ensures that all surfaces of the metal box that you may interact with are safe, reducing the chance of a hazardous shock. If the current carrying conductor comes loose, it will ground out to this metal box here and in turn trip the breaker in the panel.  

Grounding is one of the most important things you can do for the safety of your staff, business, and yourself. Your building having quality craftsmanship is important when installing a grounding system. All grounding in a building or in any commercial application should be in continuity all the way back to the main panel in the facility. Powerworks Electric wants to ensure the safety of your employees and business by doing superior quality work correctly.

If you need help grounding your building for ideal safety, reach out to Powerworks Electric. We can install all the safeguards your electrical system needs to keep your building and people safe. Schedule a consultation to learn more about bonding jumpers and our other grounding measures available. 

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