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What is EV Charging?

Finding a gas station is easy for motorists, but finding an electric vehicle charging station can be more difficult. Although public electric vehicle charging stations are becoming more readily available, EV (Electric Vehicle) drivers still have to be intentional about finding their next charge. Whether you are considering having an EV station added to your business or you are a homeowner looking to install an EV charger, Powerworks Electric can help. 

What is EV Charging Like?

Whether you have an EV or a hybrid car that runs on both fuel and electricity, the battery in your vehicle has to be charged. An EV charger can be plugged into a 240v outlet or hardwired to a nearby energy grid. EV chargers are usually pretty interchangeable between electrical vehicles, but Tesla chargers will require an adaptor to be used on a non-Tesla vehicle.

What do Electric Car Charging Stations Cost?

Public charging stations can vary. While some are free of charge, others require a certain fob or a credit card payment. Charging stations at businesses may be free of charge for paying customers. Each station will have its own rules, but they should be readily posted. 

The installation cost for an electric charging station varies based upon your needs, whether personal or commercial. Commercial electric charging stations can come with a variety of amenities to suit your company’s needs, such as electronic payment methods. If you are interested in learning more about the cost for installation, reach out to Powerworks Electric today.

Benefits of EV Charging at Home

  • Save Money–Since many public charging stations do require a fee or a purchase, charging at home will be more affordable. After you have your home charging station set up and connected to your home’s energy source, your expenses will be minimal. If you have traditional electricity, the spike on your bill will be negligible in comparison to the cost of using public stations. 
  • Minimize Hassle–The average EV can take 4-6 hours to fully charge. If you have a trip planned with your family, we recommend charging your vehicle the day before. The other alternative would be to locate public charging stations along your travel route. With a home charging station, you can plug in your car the night before your trip and be ready to roll first thing in the morning. For topping off your car around town, public stations can be helpful, but charging up your EV completely is much simpler with a home station.
  • Maximize Safety–Do you want to avoid sitting vulnerably in a public place for many hours? Charging up at home will be safer for you and your vehicle. A home charging station can be wired safely within your home, so call on Powerworks Electric to get your home equipped for charging.

Whether you already have an electrical vehicle or you are preparing to purchase one, the Powerworks Electric team can answer all your questions about home charge stations. We can also handle commercial charging station installations as well. Our team is committed to helping our customers access the power they need for their homes and vehicles.

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