Bathroom LED Lighting Peachtree City

led-bathroom-lighting2-e1404152971212PowerWorks Electric is a local electrician company that does many LED installations. If you need LED lights installed in your bathroom, kitchen, we suggest calling PowerWorks Electric! Check out this article to learn about the service they provide of installing LED wall lights in Peachtree City. One reason people desire LED lights in their bathroom is because they want the brightness to be around the mirror. Dim lighting in a vanity area makes the entire room less attractive.

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Bathroom LED Lighting

LED Lights get Rid of Facial Shadows

led-bathroom-lighting1-e1404152939606This client wanted to eliminate facial shadows and to show the true colors of the materials that she chose for her bathroom remodel. They suggested face level mounted sconces to direct light onto the face without causing shadows. The client also wanted the lavender color to look natural rather than having a yellow tint due to standard lighting colors.

PowerWorks used overhead recessed can lights to highlight the white marble. 5000K LED bulbs eliminated any yellowing of the stone and made the lavender a true color. The side mounted sconces eliminated any shadows on the skin. The use of LED lights greatly reduced the heat load in the bathroom because these lights operate well below the temperature of typical incandescent bulbs. Often 150 degrees cooler.

Results of this Bathroom Lighting Installation

led-bathroom-lighting4This job truly changed the appearance of the bathroom. The bathroom remodel turned out great, however, proper illumination installed by PowerWorks Electric made the job excellent and colors true. By the end, the project turned out exactly as she wanted.