Cabinet Lighting in Peachtree City

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Cabinet Lighting in PTC
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cabinet-lighting-peachtree-city-pic4Kitchen and Cabinet Light Installation

Our customer wanted better task lighting in her kitchen work areas. She also wanted brighter and quality design lighting over the island.This job was done in two phases. These were two half day phases handled by two men. In the first phase, LED recessed cans were installed to illuminate counter task areas. During the second phase, cabinet and under cabinet lighting was installed along with three pendant lights over the island.

The pendant lights were installed to supply better design lighting for the island. Under cabniet LED lighting was installed to add dimension to kitchen cabinets while also brightening the work surfaces. Also, LED lighting with a clamshell focal lens was placed inside the cabinets to bring out their character.

cabinet-lighting-peachtree-city-pic2Results of this Lighting Installation

This job turned out great! The customer was thrilled with the lighting and dimensional character produced by the LED cabinet and under cabinet lighting. The pendant lights added character to the kitchen and task lighting for work on the island.