Electrical Plug Replacement Peachtree City

burnt-plug-replacementPowerWorks Electric has recently done a job for a burnt electrical plug that provided power to the washing machine. This repair of the burnt washer plug occurred in May 2014 and the entire job only took approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Burnt Washer Plug

Our client called because they had a brand new dishwasher that was not working. They didn’t know what the problem was, so they called their local electrician in Peachtree City! We came to inspect the project, and only one side of the dedicated outlet had current. In order to complete this project, we supplied and installed a new dedicated receptacle that would be able to power the dishwasher.

We found a loose screw on the side of the outlet. When the current flowed, the arcing caused so much heat that both the receptacle and the wire melted. These damaged pieces of equipment were hindering the receptacle from properly supplying power to the washing machine. Once the new receptacle was installed, the washer worked great!

Results of this Electrical Plug Replacement

Our client was extremely satisfied with our services. If they had called their local electrician first, they could have avoided purchasing a new washing machine. Loose wires cause electrical arcing which in turn can cause a fire. This type of situation demonstrates the need for installing the new arc-fault breakers in all electrical panels.